Sashakt Dialogues Episode 3: Stigma- Reduced Marriage Prospects for self or children post cancer with Hunny Kapoor & Dimple Parmar.

Sashakt Dialogues is an attempt by Sashakt-The Ovarian Cancer Foundation to break the silence and start meaningful conversations to combat unjustified Cancer-related stigmas. Despite living in the 21st century and advances in medical technology, cancer patients and their families have to endure immense pain due to various perceived, experienced and internalized stigmas associated with cancer. It's high time to change perspectives for a positive change.

In this special episode we are discussing about "Reduced Marriage Prospects for self or children post cancer " with two amazing guests – Hunny Kapoor ( Cancer Conqueror, Social Activist & Motivational Speaker) and Dimple Parmar (Founder, Love Heals Cancer, Founder,

When we think of cancer, we think of struggle, pain, treatment, but one thought that never crosses our mind is Marriage. Cancer Survivors are either looked down with pity or celebrated as heroes, but what we usually forget is that these heroes also have dreams and those dreams can involve getting married and having a life partner. Hear to this interesting discussion for some meaningful insights.