Sashakt Dialogues Episode 5: Stigma-"Cancer & Shame" with Neelam Kumar and Payal Gandhi Hoon

Sashakt Dialogues is an attempt by Sashakt-The Ovarian Cancer Foundation to break the silence and start meaningful conversations to combat unjustified Cancer-related stigmas. Despite living in the 21st century and advances in medical technology, cancer patients and their families have to endure immense pain due to various perceived, experienced and internalized stigmas associated with cancer. It's high time to change perspectives for a positive change.

In this special episode we are discussing about the stigma "Cancer & Shame" with two beautiful and inspiring guests, Neelam Kumar (BestSelling Author/ Life Coach) and Payal Gandhi Hoon (Master facilitator, NLP Coach, POSH panelist, creative artiste and founder Tamarailife).

Cancer can happen to anyone. It's an illness, not a failing. However, having cancer is difficult. Adding feelings of guilt, self-blame, shame or embarrassment on top of other painful emotions, like sadness and anxiety, only intensifies that difficulty. Hear to this interesting discussion for some meaningful insights.